Salvatio is the solution to find and rescue your loved ones

A project dedicated to save lives using the blockchain technology by creating a safe and friendly platform to help finding missing pets.

About Salvatio

Salvatio Project will bring the world a new way to find missing pets from all over the world

Using the power of the community and the innovations of blockchain, Salvatio Project will bring an easy and safe platform that aims to help finding missing pets and also prevent new cases with different features and tools, such as:

  • Personal Profile for every user with information and Feed with all missing ones within a specific distance radius
  • A special necklace/collar to prevent new cases
  • Fast and Safe Button to send location and full information
  • Place rewards for everyone with useful information that leads to find the missing one
  • Much more...
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Main Features

Why Salvatio?

Connects community
Tracking Info
Easy and Safe

Some facts

Use Cases

Track Info

Using Salvatio Platform you will be able to track, send/receive information, photos and every important details that can raise the chances of success

Protect Your Family

You can choose different solutions, depending on your case, such as: Tracking the Device Use a special collar (developed by Salvatio Project) specially for pets

Bounty Rewards

Set and manage rewards for everyone who finds or give useful information that leads to find the missing pet using the Salvatio Token.

Data Security

Your data is safe and locked on the blockchain, which means that only the owner of the Private Key will be able to see personal information, keeping your house and family safe!

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About Salvatio

Token Information

  • Token name: Salvatio
  • Ticker Symbol: SVT
  • Currency Symbol Image :
General description

Salvatio will be released on the basis of TRON Platform and fully comply with TRX standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.



Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds
  • 1% Bounty campaign
  • 2% Advisors
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 25% Distribute to Community
  • 50% Token Sale


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